Travel Young Hub

This website acts as a community touchpoint for young travelers who are finding their wings, or have their wings and want to share their wisdom. Boasting a blog populated with teen guest posts, a community forum and tips about the most successful trips for minors, this website is the perfect place for young people to plan their next ventures.






The Camino Frances for the Independent American Woman

A long-form article about the fears of long-distance hiking in a new country…alone. Complete with interviews of women who completed the trail alone and with who walked with partners about their takeaways and reflections on the decisions they made. There is also an ARCgis Storytelling Map interactive map to scroll through the trail and read about each town.






Buen Camino, Bitches

This zine project is a glimpse into the diary I kept while walking the Camino de Santiago during the summer of 2019. Packed full of stories, lists of advice I was given, photos and reflections on the trip, this is the true insider’s view of a month of walking through Spain.








SOLO is a website and app prototype I created for a Transmedia Storytelling course at Colorado State University. The project is aimed to help women who will be thru-hiking on their own feel prepared and safe for the upcoming journey.