Diane Hall – my incredible mentor and Girl Scout leader through Middle School and High School

Sarah Mitchell – life coach and entrepreneur (and my mom!)

Justina Sharp – a force to be reckoned with in any social media scene, considering she runs most of them.

Dev Carey – his life has been packed full of adventures I can only dream of one day having.

Caroline Calloway – Independently publishing a book via Etsy currently, Queen of transmedia storytelling.

Blake Boles Entrepreneur king — published author, company owner, passion follower, badass website owner.


The Rocky Mountain Range, Colorado, USA

Capitola, California, USA

Cusco, Peru

Amazon Rainforest, Peru


The Tree of Life

Into the Wild




Siddhartha – Hermann Hesse

Yes, Please – Amy Poehler 

Brainstorm The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain – David Siegel

Men Explain Things To Me – Rebecca Solnit

Mother of All Questions – Rebecca Solnit