What-nots & Do-dads

What-nots & Do-dads

12729116_1143483995662815_6640321874934286497_nHello. This has been so intense. The Mexico Teen retreat is over, and everyone’s left. We dropped Dylan off at the bus station at 5am yesterday morning, so now it’s officially officially over. Now the work starts! I wrote 6 PWS blog posts yesterday, and now this one for Everything Katie Jane, so I’m pretty pumped up. There is a bunch of data to input and there is a big decision to make about next semester. It’s also kind of rainy, which is good, because it means that I’ve gotta stay inside and actually do all of this work.

Featuring best friend and backpack

I need to lighten my backpack! I don’t think I can make it clear how proud I was to fit all of my stuff in this 65 liter backpack before I left. I was jumping around and making everyone try it on and even made a list of everything I put in it to show people.Can you tell I don’t backpack very often? 😉 Well, just the other day we moved locations again, and I needed to actually move this incredibly packed backpack. I swear, it gained at least 10lbs. I’m not sure how, maybe it was the new jar of coconut oil, maybe it was the new pair of shoes, or maybe the 3 new shirts and new books? Of course, I am incredibly attached to everything, and of course, I need to start getting rid of some of it. How am I supposed to effortlessly walk the world with it, making travel look easy and glamorous, if I’m struggling under the weight of my pack? Impossible. For updates on the lightening and getting rid of my stuff, check up on my twitter in the next couple of days.

It’s so interesting traveling internationally and working for people that have made that their livelihood.  Most of the people I’m meeting have made travel their identity, and it’s so inspirational! I’m new to this, so I can’t say that’s my full identity, but it definitely is for this year. Using Lainie’s words, “She was an all American girl, and now she’s an around the world girl”. Love it! I’m constantly seeing more opportunities to keep traveling for the rest of my life. Start writing for travel websites, work for international camps and conferences, start leading tours, there are so many options! Even as we just look at our quick trip to Europe for the TedX Talk, possibilities to visit other countries are popping up left and right.

I’ll be honest. I know that a 17 year old taking a year to travel for kicks and giggles instead of a normal senior year is out of the ordinary, and I know that unschooling is pretty different too. That’s too funky fresh for some, and that’s fine, I don’t care. I want the people in my life that celebrate it and are also doing some really cool things in the world! Shine on my friends! Live outside of your comfort zones and change the world! 

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