What I’m Learning Through Travel

What I’m Learning Through Travel

Most people seem to think that travel will teach them everything they need to know about life.

I know that when I thought about this, I was excited! I thought that I would find everything I love when I left to explore the world, and I would constantly be surrounded by wonderful people that would teach me everything I needed to know about everything. I’m really not sure where I got these ideas, but they’re sorta’ right.

I was raised for the first half of my life in the Midwest, and the second half in Northern California. Although one is definitely less conservative than the other, neither were too insane. I am not shocked by the world I have visited so far. I find it surprising and new, sure, but not shocking, not unexpected.

This isn’t a post about the new things I’m learning about the world through travel.

The people I’m traveling with know what they’re doing. I’ve learned a shit ton of travel tips and tricks from them, for which my wallet is insanely grateful. But I’ve also learned a lot about myself.

Here is the official list of things I have learned about myself through non-stop travel in the past 2 months.

*It’s subject to change within the next 5 seconds, and the next ten minutes, and every moment after that.*
  • I know that I love to be working. I know that I need lists! Lists help me not feel useless. And let me tell you, I love to be useful. I know that I am not a good mindreader. Some people are, and I love those people. I know that I am a great leader, and a good follower. I’m still learning how to be both at the same time; how to be an influencer. I know that confrontation is hard for me, and that I’m prone to rash decisions.

  •  I’ve learned that I desperately need alone time to be a functioning happy person. I believe in respect, and spiritual moments. I believe in respect for others, and I believe in not being the center of attention, no matter how hard it is. (If you know me, you know it’s something that I am constantly working on letting go of)

  • This trip has shown me some absolutely incredible, inspiring, life changing women. I’ve met 2 so far that have brought me to tears from their words and stories. Anna and Jinky, thank you. You both have shown me so much about myself that I needed to know. I’ve learned that I love having strong, confident, women role models in my life.

  • What I am learning through travel is that self care will always be important. I could be at the biggest center in the world talking to the most important people in the world, but if I’m not taking care of myself, it doesn’t matter. There will be time to travel once I’ve put myself in a healthy place. The time to take care of and nurture the soul is now.

  • I’ve learned that being outside makes me want to sing! Spending time in nature brings me joy and rejuvenates my soul. Cities drain me and require more effort for me. Most of my future trips will have a huge presence of outdoor activity.

  • I know that I love empowering people! I love being able to show respect to people, and make them feel wanted and loved, as they should be. I know that I am sometimes too serious, and could do with a total chill pill. Kids in every high school I went to told me that I needed them, but guess what? I don’t take pills. (Can you tell I also need to work on being less defensive?)

  • I found out I really don’t like bugs very much. Mosquitos make me irritable and most other bugs make me squirm like no one’s business.

  • I’ve found a respect for myself. Pushing myself in a positive direction is something I love. I’ll sweat and cry for it, because I know in the end it will be worth it. If I am pushing myself that hard towards a result I can so confidently say I do not believe in, it is not healthy, and I will not do it. I have choice, and I am allowed to use it. I am allowed to love myself, and care for myself.

So there you go: the list of things that I learned about myself through travel, postmarked on April 15th, subject to be constantly changing.

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