The Friend Group of All Friend Groups: The Baddies

The Friend Group of All Friend Groups: The Baddies

Friendship in college is something I was not ready for. I have friends at home in San Jose, I have friends all over the world. I  have experienced true deep friendships that have affected my life for the better and changed my views, but I was not ready for the friends I am making in college.

We are different people when we live under our parents roofs, when we live in different places with people. Setting out and living on your own in college is the chance to live as your own person for the first time, to throw yourself out into the world: flailing, screaming, panicking. The best part about all of this is that everyone around you is also flailing and screaming and panicking, too. We lift each other up and support each other through every laundry mishap, every final, and every rocky relationship. This is how the friendships are born, through pure necessity and desperation. You thought I was going to say something poetic and beautiful? Wrong. I need these people to make it through the next three and a half years, it’s not a choice I made, they were thrown at me, these beautiful angels that are my friends.

The journey to deciding ‘yes’ on college was a rocky one. I wasn’t sure if I would find creative, determined people like those I was surrounded with as an unschooler. When I arrived at Colorado State, I was a little discouraged in the beginning, because in a school with 20,000 students, it can be hard to find the ones that will truly push and pull you to greatness. Luckily, I found them in the first semester with little searching, due to the fact that they were just across the hall. Score.

I have three people that are making it through this insane rollercoaster with me: Alea, Jake, and Noah. They’ve lived all over the United States (and world) and bring their own unique aspects to life. The best part? We all share a mutual appreciation for each other. They transform Fort Collins, Colorado from the town where I attend school, into a true home. Jake put it best in his poem,

“i’ll never be mad i came to college.

14,387 is just a number,

not a literal guideline for success.



i’m successful as long as I have,


i came to college for this.

for undying, unrelenting







I knew when I left for college only what people told me; that those were the best years of their lives, that they made life long friendships and found their first loves. Although I don’t know about the best years of my life, or about love, I can say that these friends are here to stay. From late night snack runs and sauna trips to weekends away exploring the Rocky Mountains, I have a feeling we’ll be together for a while. 


I find as I sit down to write these blog posts that I am overcome with a sense of peace. These are a space to reflect on life, and reading back through them, as well as writing them, fills me with gratitude and joy for the experiences I am living. I cannot wait to see what adventures and love will be the inspirations of the posts to come.

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