The Bugs Won’t Be TOO Big, Right?

The Bugs Won’t Be TOO Big, Right?

I am in Lima! PERU! Today is our second day here and I am not going to lie, I’m sitting in bed hiding from responsibilities. We have a little bit left to do for the Jungle retreat that starts tomorrow, but that can be done this afternoon…right?

We had a super full day of travel on Tuesday that ended up with us at Lainie and Miro’s chosen family’s home in Pueblo Libre. Surprisingly enough, the view from outside our room reminds me of downtown San Jose! So it’s a kind of fun feeling of home away from home.

I’ll be honest, yesterday was pretty overwhelming. It was made easy by the fact that Lainie and Miro at one point lived here for 9 months and know the city like the backs of their hands, but still, it’s a new place and a new experience for me. I’m excited to get to know this culturally rich city and it’s different districts for sure, and also ready to amp up my Spanish. I’m able to read and understand more (still very little), but actual conversations are still super difficult for me. I have so much respect for this language, it’s beautiful and so widely spoken. I am so, so excited to be my normal chatty pants in Spanish too; maybe I should just extend my time down here by a few years to make sure I can get to that level..? 😉

emotion on new friends!

Yesterday we made a trip to Condor House, the hostel we’ll be staying at with the group before we fly to the Amazon, and first of all, I love it and it’s big kitchen. Adore it. But I also adore the man that volunteers and works there. I have no idea what his name is, I just know that we rocked out on guitar to Sorry by the Beibs and Daughters by John Major. So yes, I definitely foresee a wonderful friendship coming in these next few days.

Oh my goodness! I’m going to the Amazon! I still have to pack! I mean, I’m constantly packed, but I have to pack way lighter! (Remember when that was an issue? It still is.) I’ve been told that all of my clothes will be completely soaked by sweat, so to just bring an extra pair of clothes for pajamas. There’s no sleeping in your clothes there! I have bug spray and malaria pills and all the gear I need (thanks to my friends at the Mountain View REI). There’s a great chance I’ll be the kid with all the gear geeking out in the back, but I’m cool with it 🙂

I’m going to be honest again, because honestly totally is key. I’m nervous! There are so many bugs! I’m not afraid of bugs, mostly, but when Alexa came back from the Amazon last year talking about spiders the size of her textbooks, I was a little bit spooked for sure. But hey, I’ll take this an opportunity to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and as an incredible learning experience. How many people are offered trips into the Amazon and the chance to work with the researchers? Not many!

Can I end this the way I’ve been ending most of my blog posts lately? I’m going to do it.


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