So In Love!

So In Love!

I am inspired tonight. I watched The Way with the boys and now i’m listening to George Ezra, so yeah, this night is pretty rocking with all of the travel-positive energy.

IMG_6819As I watch movies like Into the Wild, The Way, and Wild, I find myself incredibly inspired though their journeys. I see myself on mine and feel inspired by myself! Let me just tell you, this is an incredible feeling. It’s dawning on me how wonderful it is to live life for yourself and to truly pursue your passions. Everyday I wake up here and sit down to work and brainstorm with Lainie, and it’s an absolute joy. I am surrounded by community wherever I look; I am so grateful. These communities are the apartment complex, the homeschoolers in our neighborhood, the travelers walking down the street, the girls swinging on hammocks. We are all a community. I seriously could cry from happiness when I sit back and look at it.

This is my joy right now, and I am pursuing it.

IMG_6829-1I consider myself a worldschooler as of this week. This is my first true real experience, and I am so in love with it. I am totally engrossed in learning the language and customs. I am in love with the branding and marketing and planning behind PWS. I can feel myself absorbing all of this new knowledge like a sponge. This is beautiful, and I truly hope that everyone gets to experience this at least once in their lives.

Around a year ago I made a claim somewhere along the lines of, “Being in love doesn’t always have to be romantic, you can be in love with anything or anywhere and it can be just as strong”. I tend to be a dramatic person that likes to throw around dramatic sayings like that, so I totally forgot about it after I said it. But just tonight, one of the friends that was there for that conversatiIMG_6823on reminded me of those words, and I still very much so agree with them. I am so in love. I AM SO IN LOVE! I want to shout it from the rooftops. I am in love with this travel and with this learning. I am so in love. I really hope every single one of you can feel this love in your heart non-romantically. I assume most of you do, and I celebrate it!

Needless to say, this has been one of the best first weeks I’ve ever had.

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