Montaña Colorado

Montaña Colorado

Have you ever climbed a mountain? Experienced the rush of adrenaline born out of exhaustion when you reach the peak? Me too.

Last week I climbed Rainbow Mountain, a mountain recently opened up for hiking in the Sacred Valley within these past few years. And let me just tell you, adrenaline born out of exhaustion is the only way to describe it. Each step up to the summit was harder than the last, each breath shallower than the one rattled before. We started our hike at 14,000ft, and climbed up to about 16,500ft in three hours. Okay, that’s only 2.5k feet in 3 hours, and that’s not too bad, I’m used to those kinds of climbs. But this, this was the hardest cardiovascular hike of my life, because we did it with half the oxygen we were used to.

Now you’re with me.

Let me just say, it was 100% worth it. The Sacred Valley is full of lush and untouched space, a true playground for those who love to be outside. You’ll pass by primitive pueblos, built out of stone. There’s llamas and alpacas where ever you turn, and if you’re lucky, you might even be caught in a hail storm on your descent! 😉

The summit though, oh man, you know oh too well this feeling. The rush of “I did it!”; of, “I am so small”; of, “This world is incredible, I must explore more”. It was magical. The colors are in no way edited, and were in fact even brighter and more brilliant in person, as it always goes. We sat at the peak for only 20 minutes; the wind was challenging us, telling us who was boss, daring us to stay longer. The wind won.

You’re familiar with the run back down, the feeling of youth, of accomplishment. The mountains are your friends, they welcomed you and let you leave with out issue; you’re stronger than you thought.

The mountains welcomed me in, embraced me with their elements, and let me go gently. For that, I am grateful. Thank you, world!









*Song: Raging – Kygo, Kodaline*

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