Momma Dearest,

Momma Dearest,

Mom, you are my best friend, my biggest supporter, and consult. I go to you when I need shopping advice, people advice, or even a massage (she’s the best at those!). Every moment I spend with you is in giggles or self discovery, something I cherish. Our relationship has morphed over the past few years into a gorgeous meld of friendship and mentorship with a dash of Gilmore Girls and a sprinkle of Lulu’s chocolates; a combo I wouldn’t give up for anything.

Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication to us. I could not be here in Peru, living a dream, without your love and support. Your help with my journey here and your selflessness in letting me out of the nest a year early mean more than you’ll ever know to me.

Now here is a list of things I love that you did and do and have and are:

Thanks for making me work out at 5am when I was younger. I may have complained and whined about it, but I am so much of a healthier and happier person for it. And thank you for teaching Gigi and I all about health and eating right in our lives, no matter where or what we’re doing. I definitely fall behind on that one a lot, but I still am grateful for every kale salad and paleo thanksgiving meal. I mean it, thank you! And you also started me young with jamming out in the car, I appreciate that too.

OUR DANCE PARTIES!! MOM, WE HAVE THE BEST DANCE PARTIES! WE GO CRAZY! I have had friends ask if they can come over JUST for those dance parties.

Marathoning. We are pro marathoners honestly, Gilmore Girls stands nothing on us when we are together. (2.5 seasons in a week at 20 episodes a season HELL YEAH.) 

Oh my god you flew 4,479 miles for my 18th birthday! WHAT! THATS SO COOL.

Thank you for the hikes and the love for the outdoors. Ever since I saw your photos of the Boundary Waters with your girlfriends and all of our camping gear bins in the garage, i’ve been inspired. I am so grateful for learning to ride a bike next to the lake, and all of our camping trips and hikes and roadtrips up the coast. I’m grateful for the love of the world you instilled in me. Thank you.

Also, you’re a pretty great concert buddy, lady!  I LOVE seeing shows with you and dancing crazy and making all the people with sticks up their butts uncomfortable. It’s quite the experience.

And also, I can’t thank you enough for your sense of design. I love it. It dictates so many of my decisions about style in all aspects of my life. I am constantly itching to redesign and improve and make it better and cleaner and prettier, no matter the project. It’s taught me solutions can come from everywhere.

I love you, mom. Happy Mothers Day!











Life IS better with you!

2 thoughts on “Momma Dearest,”

    • You timed the music perfectly! I LOVED jamming out with you at the Michael Franti concert, and all of our dance parties in Minnesota, California, Peru…I’m excited to see where else we have a ballistic crazy dance party!

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