Let’s Go!

Let’s Go!

Two weeks and 12 hours until I leave for the next 7 months of my life. My family is celebrating my 18th birthday 3 months early this weekend, and I have managed to cram every last thing in my backpack. I haven’t even left yet, and it’s already an adventure.

Being home in San Jose has been quite the experience. I wasn’t the college kid coming home for 3 weeks trying to cram everything in; but I also hadn’t lived here for three months, and I wasn’t staying for very long either before leaving again. It was a strange mix of ” i miss you’s” and “yeah, let’s hang out next month’s”.

I’ve fallen in love with Northern California since I’ve been home. Before I left, this was a city of cement inhabited by people that were very tech oriented. But now thIMG_6615at I’ve taken the time to look around, I see the valleys and the redwoods and the pacific ocean. I see the college students basking in the sun in January and the backpackers dancing in the rain. I feel truly happy to be from such a fantastic area full of such incredible beauty. (Thanks mom and dad!)

But now onto the next stage: trekking the Andes, snorkeling in the Mexican Riviera, running a kids camp, exploring Bolivian tunnels, dancing the night away, and making new friends through new adventures.Bring it on!

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