Kindness as warm as a fresh cup of tea

Kindness as warm as a fresh cup of tea

We are born to create. To edit is fun, to teach is helpful to your own learning, but there’s nothing quite like creation.

Since I am no longer paid to create written pieces (a double-sided sword. One side: a promotion. The other side: no more long-form articles printed), I have started writing a lot more independently of assignment. And sometimes hand-in-hand with an assignment. In my women’s studies class, we were tasked with writing haikus describing how school is going for us.

No motivation

Prerequisites for passion

I miss unschooling.

Sounds like a good time in my academic life, eh? I’m in my last semester dictated by prerequisites for the classes I want to take, so soon this haiku will be outdated. I’ve never been so excited for my writing to be irrelevant.

During a panel I was recently on, we were asked how we liked being editors, producers, managers. The answers across the board were along the lines of, “I no longer feel like a journalist,” or “I go home and feel like I have done nothing to change the world today.” These are sentiments which are thought by most people I’ve talked to who have been promoted up and out of the creative jobs.

These jobs bring the responsibility of being teachers, of being motivators for staff. We help them to reach their highest potential while reaching high into the sky to find our limits as well. How do we continue creating, continue fueling our souls?

Side projects.

I’ve started a side project myself! It includes meaningful conversations, a great amount of writing and the necessary analysis which comes from side projects like these.


Katie, I’m begging you, tell me about this incredible side project!

Okay, fine, I’ll tell you. I’m embarking on a kindness project. No, not like this one, or this one.

My hope with this project is to interact with individuals and learn their definition of kindness. I want to hear about their acts of kindness, their beliefs about the mindset, the ways they’ve been touched by kindness.


What will you do with all of this information?

Compile it! I want to create a book with all of these definitions and stories, woven together with commentary and other resources. I would love to include drawings and song lyrics and make this into a nicely packaged book of kindness.


Why are you telling us this?

You know why. I want your feedback, I want to share your stories and definitions. I want to feature your art. I want your kindness and I want to celebrate it with you.

Please, comment and email, reach out to me. Help me understand your versions of kindness and what it means to you. Send me to people who you know are also passionate about bettering themselves and their communities.


There’s just one last aspect to this project, I have no end goal. Usually, when embarking on projects such as these, I’m under a tight deadline or working to complete it for a challenge. However, I recently listened to a podcast which inspired me to try something new and leave it open-ended. So, I will continue collecting stories until it feels like it’s time to bundle them up into a beautiful little book.

Okay, I’ve begged, it’s been emotional, let’s move on. I wrote one other haiku in that women’s studies class, but this one was about the joy of being a teacher as I work with the Girl Scouts.

The joy inspires,

Their passion bubbles over,

This girlhood brings love. 

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