How Bikinis Relate to Writing, & Other Surprises

How Bikinis Relate to Writing, & Other Surprises

Self Assessment: Assessment or evaluation of oneself or one’s actions and attitudes, in particular, of one’s performance at a job or learning task considered in relation to an objective standard. 

This week has been a big whammy of self assessing for me. This week I dove into the writing world much deeper than I ever have before, and have been honored with an upcoming project that I am excited and very scared for.

I am currently tasked with 4 articles about learning methods and alternative education, one about community, and 2 about the unschooler that got into college (me).  I love it. And I’m finding that article writing is definitely very different than blogging. Turns out people don’t want to feel like they’re reading your diary when they open a magazine to your article. Who woulda thought?

As much as I’m loving it, it’s bringing up a lot of insecurities I didn’t know I had. Am I a real writer? What if these magazines don’t want the articles I write? Am I good enough?

But as these insecurities come up, I’m reminded of the comic talking about bikini bodies, and the insecurities surrounding swimsuit season. 8d36a21fd80ac6059012c9e2cfdc909d

How to be a writer? Write

And that’s what I’m doing. This week I’ve made friends with the tea house on the corner, and they’ve gotten to hear me muttering to myself about experiential learning, non-violent communication, and the best opening hooks to use. The people in there have also heard me argue with my grandmother via Skype, and discuss my dorm room decorations with my mom. We’re practically best friends now, as they know most of what my life consists of currently.

I have also had a few other projects I’m working on, and one of them is….




I have been confirmed to give a TEDx Talk!

WHAT! What the hell! Why didn’t I start the post with this?! For the same reason I am comparing being a writer to wearing bikinis, I’m insecure about it! (But that’s okay, I have a month to become very, very secure about it.)

What do I have to say that these people want to hear? Do I tell stories? Do I talk about worldschooling? College acceptance? About my “plan”, my path, my parents? Do I talk about how anyone can do this? How I went and grabbed it? How much information can I cram into 7 minutes of these people’s time? I guess we’ll find out July 28th at the Homeschooling Conference in San Francisco.

If you remember in my post from the Netherlands, I traveled to Amsterdam in April to help Lainie and Miro with their TEDxEducation talk about their path and worldschooling, which you can find here. I saw them up on the stage, and knew that I would also one day be up on the TEDx stage. Little did I know it would be a short 3 months later!

So that’s the big life update folks; I’ve got articles coming out of my ears, I’m giving a TEDx Talk about a so far undetermined subject, and I believe that writing and bikinis require the same amount of courage and confidence. Stick around for updates on the TEDx opportunity, writing clips, and make sure to check out my new Press page!

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