Healing. Strengthening.

Healing. Strengthening.

That is what we are doing, right? We are working to heal from the betrayal that was the election of our president, the betrayal we face when we look at family members who voted (are voting) for people who believe a large part of our population is not worthy of human rights.

We are healing from personal traumas. People and events that tore us apart, told us we were not worthy. We have spent the year(s) strengthening our moral and confidence after being torn down. It is time to work on mending the wounds in our psyche which have lived there for too long.

We have been helping others heal from their traumas. Listening to their narratives, giving advice, sending them to resources which will change their lives. We have been realizing we are not alone. This was evident through many acts of 2017, one major one being #metoo and the allegations which came forward after the movement became widespread. The BLM movement stayed strong throughout the year and relief funds were sent to Puerto Rico and countries around the world which were destroyed by natural disasters this year. We have been working to support and heal on the interpersonal level and on the international level. We have not given up.

I have a theory about why healing has taken up such great space this year.

For a long time, our personal trauma lived in the back of our brains, haunting, but not demanding. The world was at least semi-okay (in the U.S.). This year, 2017, a Cheeto decided to break its way into a conversation it did not know how to have. He dictated and took and took and takes still. His policies have taken security from people living in the United States and have forced each individual to take to politics as a life-saving matter. This thumb in a wig is so horrible, he is forcing people to face their own personal ailments and traumas on such a large scale so we can come together to elect officials who will help fix this mess our country dug itself into.

So. We have been healing ourselves, healing those around us. We have been sending love and support and retweeting and texting and calling everyone we can to do our small part to heal the situations the world has thrown at us.

If there is one thing to say about the world after this year, it is we are resilient. We will set aside petty fights and personal issues to fix the big picture and lift up those who need it most. Personal gain is no longer the first priority. We have too much to do.

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