Embracing Power, Acknowledging Intuition, Finding Peace

Embracing Power, Acknowledging Intuition, Finding Peace

Hello my crazy peeps, boy have I got a story for you!

In order to celebrate New Years, Jake and I decided to take a little backpacking trip from Belize City to Cancun, Mexico. The day we left, we had a loose itinerary, our only commitments being our flights and a few hostel reservations along the road north.

There were island adventures, jungle explorations, city excursions and bike rides to ruins…talk about a crazy twelve days. Because most of our beds resided in hostels, the decision was made to leave laptops at home. This blog post will be mostly comprised of notes from the journal I kept during the trip.

While the overall experience was one to be excited about, there was one situation which really sat with me and helped me to become a more powerful person, I believe. From the journal:

1/9/2018 (early)

Earlier I compared this trip to be a toddler for us. We had experienced baby trips before this: guided by others, only a single country, and/or small amounts of time. But now it is time to try out walking on our own. Speaking Spanish on my own, making friends on my own. I am so proud!

Proceed on this trip with these elements: The highest intentions, the lowest expectations, the most love.

1/9/2018 (later)

Toddler trip is taking another risk!! Luis, a man working and living in this jungle Airbnb is taking us to The Cave. Apparently, it is difficult to get to and takes awhile to get to. Jake is very excited, and I am working hard to not let fear rule my life. My intuition is at peace, it is only fear which is screaming in my ear now. But I say a major NO to fear, KISS MY ASS to fear. I believe in this moment, I finally understand how to discern my fear from my intuition. Joy!


Last night Luis took us down into the Sacred Cave. Directly below the Maya University, it was a barely explored wonderland of pure nature. *Our Airbnb hosts are building a university dedicated to the Maya culture on their property. Twenty years ago a holy woman told them to build the school on this piece of land because it is sacred. Only 2 years ago they found this cave directly under where they are building.*

Swimming through cenotes, crawling on stomachs to avoid hitting stalactites, inching our way up a literal hole in the ground and being reborn in the process. We would sit in the actual true darkness, dark to the point of not knowing if my eyes were open or closed. These dark moments would span on for eternities and only the blink of the eye. *To this day, I have no idea how long we were down there.*

The moments in the cave brought appreciation for mother earth to a higher level than I’ve ever experienced. As I sat there, every moment of delicious appreciation for the universe I’d experienced flashed into my soul, 5x stronger than when I originally felt them. The tears were flowing for all of us. The earth and I were one. I felt in my core my creation, the stars and the earth coming together with the universe to create life. And so it is!

Reflecting on these hours in the belly of our mother earth, I came out “reborn,” as they said I would. We shimmied in and out of a hole in the earth the diameter of a man’s shoulders. Bruised and cut up, muddy and smiling from ear to ear, the only two emotions coursing through my veins were power and humility. Crawling through this gorgeous area with only our headlamps, every thought on the brain was simply, “thank you.”

The photo above is not the Sacred Cave, it is a cenote in the surrounding area.

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