Colorado Doesn’t Mess Around

Week 2 has come and gone. Heads have been shaven (not mine), sunrises have been admired, and we even made a map of all of the best places to pee in Paonia. But more has happened than just the challenges presented to us each day. Friday marked the day we became family. Friday marked the day we cried and hugged out of pride of what we accomplished in the week.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0769.

We are now halfway into Week 3 and absolutely in love with each other. There are tiffs and tuffs here and there, but we know how to work them through and love up on each other no matter what. Pretty dang cool, if I do say so myself.

This week, we are embarking on two day challenges. Monday and Tuesday for my group were an extreme physical challenge. We climbed Mount Lamborn (11,000ft elevation) IMG_5176and trail ran 2 miles with a 2 mile hike on top of that. Let me just tell you, Colorado does no mess around with their mountains. Switchbacks are a thing of the imagination on these hikes; if you want to get to the top, you’re going to be on your hands and knees crawling to the top of the peak. There is nothing like sweating it out and pushing boundaries to bring a group closer than ever like this, and I am so grateful. Starting tomorrow, our new groups will be designing and completing our own challenges. Wish us luck!


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