Buen Camino and all that jazz

Buen Camino and all that jazz

Hey there!

It has been a few months since I peace’d out on here…and man what a great few months they were. I went to London! and Paris! and Ireland! and Spain! I walked 566 miles across Northern Spain!

All of these trips came with amazing stories and great bonding with old and new friends. And to be completely honest, writing doesn’t feel like the best way for me to convey these stories. So, I made a sweet pdf zine of my time on the Camino. It is in no way a comprehensive guide to walking the Way, but it is a glimpse into my brain as I walked for 40 days. I recommend clicking on each image to see them properly, but if the gallery view isn’t doing it for you, here’s a link to a properly published Issuu of the zine.

Okay, so, this means that the flood gates have opened. Stories, art, guides are coming soon!



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