Bienvenidos a Playa Del Carmen!

Bienvenidos a Playa Del Carmen!

Did you know thatCancun is in the Eastern Time Zone? If you’re like me, this comes as a bit of a shock and you’re looking at Google Maps frantically. It’s okay, take your time.

IMG_6802I flew in Tuesday morning at 7am just in time to witness the breathtaking sunrise at the airport. After a wonderful reunion with Lainie and Miro, we all drove back to Playa Del Carmen, our home for the next month and a half. We are all crammed in a little 2 bedroom apartment, and I absolutely adore it. There is lots of coffee and a roof that is perfect for watching sunsets, and the park across the street is a jungle of it’s own, complete with yoga in the mornings and a cafe. Yes, please! The next week and a half will be spent preparing for the Family Summit Retreat on February 1st, and for our volunteers to arrive on the 30th. I am so excited!!

IMG_6805Today has been mostly a stay inside and work day, along with a catch up on sleep day which was definitely much needed. We are preparing for all of the busy days coming up with lots of Sam’s Club runs and craft store raids. It’s getting so close, and we can all feel the excitement building up in each other.

Playa Del Carmen is starting to feel a lot like home already, it’s easy and a happy place to be living! Also, there are some beautiful cats here that tolerate my photo taking and attempts at petting them. Thank God.

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