An Open Letter To My Dad (Happy Fathers Day!)

An Open Letter To My Dad (Happy Fathers Day!)

Hi Dad,

I love you. I love the way that you’ve embraced being a dad and not only lived up to the standards and expectations the job holds, but surpassed them. I love the way you would drive me everywhere I needed to go, no matter the hour of day or night, or amount of screaming teenage girls in the back seat. I love the way you are a mountain MANIAC and like to run to the peak and back and see how fast you can make it. I love how you go on mini trips with me on a whim, they’re the BEST. I love how you make the best of every situation. I love how you have taught me the important life lessons, like budgeting and how to be responsible for the now AND the future at the same time.

I love how you would drive me to the airport no matter the time and rock out to music the whole time, even at four in the morning. I love our workouts at ungodly  hours and the way you taught me to ice skate and ski on the lake when I was little. I love the way you went out of your way to see me in Amsterdam, I love the way you’ll jump on the opportunity of adventure and I love the way you soak up every minute of life.

I love how you have supported Gigi and I through everything we’ve ever wanted to do. I love how if you ever question it, it’s to make sure we’re sure, not to relive your own thoughts. (Or, you’re really good at making it seem that way!)  I love your honesty and I love how you take care of us and make us feel loved. I do! I can feel your love all the way from here in Peru. I love you dad! Happy Fathers Day!

















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