Amsterdam! Utrecht! The Hague! Oh, My!

Amsterdam! Utrecht! The Hague! Oh, My!

Damn. A free day. What have I spent it doing? Stalking Justina’s blog posts about her time in Europe, and realizing I am definitely slacking on my own blogging.

I’m in EUROPE. Did you know that? Probably yes if you follow me on any other social media, but not if you only follow this blog! I am in Amsterdam because Lainie and Miro gave a TEDxAmsterdamED talk about worldschooling here!! Incredible, truly.

The TEDx Talk just finished up for Lainie and Miro, and oh my GOD. What an inspirational process to get to be apart of! From chatting with the man that finally made online classes accessible no matter where in the world you are, to the 17 year old with her speech about grades, or the 15 year old violinist, there was never a shortage of passion or excitement the whole time. We arrived, they rehearsed and answered questions, I followed them around, real personal assistant style, and chatted it up with all of my favorite speakers. I also decided I will one day be up there giving my own talk.

I wonder what it will be about.

Before we arrived in Amsterdam a few days ago, we were staying in Utrecht, a city about 45 minutes by train outside of Amsterdam.

Let me just tell you, I fell in love with Utrecht. This is my first time in Europe, so I’m not too familiar with all of the beautiful buildings and castles and churches here, but walking through Utrecht finally gave me the sense of wonder I assume you must feel as you walk through those incredible towns and countries. I would wander along the canals, pet the dogs, and bask in the dutch language. I froze my butt off, thrift shopped, coffee sipped, and jumped out of the way of too many bikers to count. I even made friends with two of the girls at one of the cafes, where they taught me how to make latte art. Something so trivial, but something I’d always wanted to learn without actually becoming a barista. It was definitely an It Moment. Being in Utrecht was something out of a fairytale almost, even when the obnoxious men burst into our dorm at 5am laughing and acting like children. I still loved Utrecht. And when the french man made fun of my french pronunciation, I still loved Utrecht. And now that I’m gone from Utrecht, I still love Utrecht.

Okay, Utrecht was great, but are you ready for the biggest BABAM moment of the trip? Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.33.35 AM

My dad came to visit! He stopped by on his way to Germany for a few days and we got to explore Amsterdam together. I missed this dude. We took the train to (surprise) Utrecht, saw the Van Gogh museum, attempted to rent a motorboat for the canals to pull a waterskiing stunt (it was a no-go in the end) and were rained and hailed on for almost the whole time. I loved it.

We are now getting ready to leave for The Hague, a city by the sea to stay with some of Lainie’s friends for a few days. I also will get to meet one of my good friends for the first time, what a treat!

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