Katie J Mitchell

Katie J Mitchell

Finding passion in every breath

Welcome, curious person,


You may have found this page through a Google search or from the link to the site I keep in my email signature. Either way, you’re here now.

I’m Katie, a self-directed learner, a traveler, a friend, a storyteller, and a listener. I study life narrative writing and work hard to provide tales for my readers on my blog. You will also find the ins and outs of being a young adventurer and reflections that come with it on the page. If a blog isn’t your thing, you can check out my published articles here.

One of my large focuses, other than working in marketing for a start-up, is self-care. Self-care can take on many different forms. Sometimes it is a spontaneous weekend adventure or months of international travel. But it can also be a quiet weekend in bed with a face mask and book of poetry. Self-care as we weather our crazed world is the only way to stay sane and keep on marching forward. And as a dear friend once told me, this is the time of “babes doing it for ourselves.”

Have an absolutely love-mazing (lovely and amazing) day,


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