Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell

Finding passion in every breath

Who is She?

Hello! I’m Katie, a journalism student at Colorado State University, a self-directed learner, a world traveler, a happy person and so much more.

Interesting, what else?

I spent my high school years unschooling after experimenting with homeschooling, worldschooling, private school, and public school. Travel is a passion of mine, so I traveled through Latin America for the first half of 2016 which was the perfect way to end my high school experience. I am now a junior at Colorado State University, where I am studying journalism and women’s studies. I am currently studying abroad in Méknes, Morocco and studying gender from a new lens.

My larger focus, other than passing my classes, is self-care. Self-care can take on many different forms. Sometimes it is a spontaneous adventure in the mountains or trekking through mud to find the perfect fall color. Sometimes it is a quiet weekend in bed with a face mask and book of poetry. Self-care in our crazed world is the only way to stay sane and keep on marching forward. And as a dear friend once told me: this is the time of, “babes doing it for ourselves.” Glance back at my blog posts and you will see how it has manifested for me over the years.

There have been some pretty cool adventures and opportunities, so make sure to check back in to keep up with all that has and is about to happen.